August 2022 OSHA Enforcement News: FL

Florida company cited for 12 serious violations after drowning death of employee

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, FL – After only three days of working for a commercial diving and recovery company, a 26-year-old diver drowned while recovering lost golf balls from a golf course pond. Federal workplace safety inspectors found the employer failed to provide adequate training and supervision, in addition to other violations. In total, citations for 12 serious violations were issued, from failing to provide a first-aid handbook or resuscitator at the dive site to failing to test air compressor systems for air purity every six months.

“Ballhawker ignored safety standards and a young man lost his life,” said OSHA Acting Area Office Director Erin Sanchez. “Commercial divers are exposed to various hazards, and it is an employer’s responsibility not to start a dive until it is safe.” 

Visit OSHA’s website for information on commercial diving safety and standards or to read the full story.

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