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The Inspection Process Before Safety Apps

This article is the second in a series of discussions with Safety Reports co-founder Steve Polich in which he talks about his career and technology’s impact on workplace safety. Steve describes the inefficiencies of the traditional site inspection process.

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Steve Polich

Meet Steve Polich: A Workplace Safety Innovator

Safety Reports co-founder Steve Polich talks about his career and technology’s impact on workplace safety. We asked Steve how safety technology has impacted the construction industry, what’s changed, and where he believes it’s headed next.

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Conduct Quick Inspections without a Checklist

Conduct Ad Hoc Inspections

In addition to our standardized checklists, our safety inspection application includes a capability known as Ad Hoc inspections. Ad Hoc Inspections allow our subscribers to use their inspection apps without having to select from one of our preloaded checklists.

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