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Our observation app allows
employees to quickly and easily
record “one-off” safety observations.

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What are the benefits...

To begin, now employees can take their safety into their own hands by having the ability to make quick observations. Employees have the option to send these observations anonymously.

Next, our observation app helps you make quick observations in no time at all. Our simple app helps communicate positive or negative observations to whomever.

Finally, print off PDFs of the reports to training employees on proper safety procedures, or award positive safety behaviors.


Schedule daily, weekly, or monthly “Observation Reports” and have them delivered in Excel via email to selected contacts. And, observations described as “High Severity” will be delivered in real-time via email. Now, the system also includes a dashboard page where you can access your information from your Administrative Account. Plus, keep track of all open and closed observations. Also, you can send a notification to your employees on the “action taken” to close any negative observations that were submitted.

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Pricing & Features

Obs logo 800 - SR Observation AppObservation App

Employees can record simple observations at NO COST!

Untitled design 44 - SR Observation AppTrack & Trend

Combine multiple users data into one dashboard!

Quick "ONE-off" observations

Make simple and quick positive or negative observations.

easy employee involvement

Get the employees involved with their own safety. Our app is a great way to reward positive safety practice and use the negative as a training opportunity.

daily observation summary reports

Get a daily report of observations made.


Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

analytics for tracking & Trending Data

Track positive and negative observations made.

Great Tool for Employee Recognition Programs

Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets


Deliver observation reports as an electronic file via email

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