Quickly and easily record and investigate incidents
and manage OSHA injury/illness reports

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What are the benefits...

To begin, using the Safety-Reports Incident Reporting App reduces the amount of time it takes to record injuries, illnesses, and near misses! Just open the app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, and professionally document your incidents in minutes! Now, imagine what it would be like to get incident reports in real-time! 

This app includes a simple “5 Why Method” of investigation to ensure all incidents are not just documented, but that corrective actions are developed and implemented to help prevent reoccurrence! If you want “peace of mind” knowing that due-diligence is being followed, this app will give it to you and more!

Finally, our digital incident reporting system allows you to trend and analyze your data. Having a good understanding of causal factors (conditions and behaviors, day of week incidents occur, time of day, body parts affected, etc.) helps improve your ability to implement controls and prevent future accidents, saving lives!


Now, this app will allow you to create a comprehensive and professional looking incident reports with all the relevant data. And, you can even upload your company logo. Also, our dashboard page pulls all of your incident data into a simple to read preview. Plus, quickly and easily identify trends, such as days of the week or months incidents occur, the time of day when they happen, body parts affected, and more! Now, view all your incident reports, your OSHA 300 LogsOSHA Summary, and First Reports (Form 301). Additionally, you can also keep track of incidents for many “entities” and track the number of days without a recordable incident!

Pricing & Features

Sample picture Incident App

Easily document injuries and illnesses at NO COST!

Sample picture Track & Trend

Combine multiple users data into one dashboard!
Incident Time/Location
Document incident type (Injury, Illness or Near Miss) and more!
Incident activity/effects
What led up to the incident, incident description, and witnesses.
Injury types/description
Easily document body parts affected with detailed descriptions
Injury Body Chart
Use the front/back body chart to visually highlight the location of injuries
Document Treatment Provided
Add treatment detail and details of treatment facility
Causal Factors
Identify conditions and/or behaviors that contributed to the incident
Take incident photos and annotate as needed

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