Safety Reports is dedicated to help every workplace improve the safety of their employees by creating high-quality and easy to use safety apps for whatever the occasion, whether it be Inspections, Training, JSA’s, Observations, or Incidents!

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Inspection App

Inspect with confidence using our industry-leading mobile inspection management system.
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Training App

Document toolbox talks and track training using our mobile training management system.
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Our JSA app helps to identify potential hazards and implement controls to minimize your risks.
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Observation App

Our observation app allows employees to quickly and easily record "one-off" safety observations.
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Incident App

With our incident app, quickly & easily document incidents and manage OSHA injury/illness reports

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About Safety Reports...

Over the past few years we’ve grown our company into one of the industry leaders in the safety apps market, in large part due to word-of-mouth referrals. We’ve also figured out that the best way to retain business is by providing service and support that is second to none!

Why Safety Reports?


when we started

Since 2011, we haven’t stopped trying to change the way you think of workplace safety. Our ultimate goal is to make worksites safer and your job easier.


app downloads

Many have trusted Safety Reports Safety Solutions for their safety needs. We will continue to grow by always striving for better.

25 million+

observations made

Using our safety solutions, our customers have made over 25 million observations from work sites across the U.S. in all industry groups. 


said that using safety reports saves them time writing reports

From a survey taken in 2018, 94% of the participants stated that our inspection app saves them time when writing reports.


The time it takes to complete inspections is cut in half

Our survey discovered that the average amount of time it takes to complete an inspection was cut in half.


Based in the U.S., with customers in every state

We are small enough to know you but large enough to provide the service and support that you deserve. 

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