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the Safety Reports Suite

Safety Reports has an app for everything safety. Check out our suite of apps for your workplace safety needs, from our Inspection app to our Scan App and everything in between. 

“Safety-Reports is a SaaS company formed in 2011 and we’re headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska.  We specialize in building and maintaining mobile safety solutions for all types of industries, including, Construction and General Industry.  Our apps have also become an invaluable tool for Loss Control Representatives in the Insurance Industry as well as Safety Consultants who provide third party services.

Our first product on the market was our Inspection App and we’ve since added several new products to include: Toolbox Talk App, JSA App, Observation App, Incident App, Scan App, and PrecipAlert.

Our philosophy is to build ‘simple’ apps to minimize the learning curve and maximize usage.  We know that if the app is too difficult or complex to use, implementation, and buy-in at the user level will be lacking and you’ll never fully achieve the benefits of a mobile solution.  Keeping our app interface simple helps our customers overcome this implementation challenge.”

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