Quickly scan equipment/assets and document your inspection using your mobile device

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What are the benefits...

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barcodes/QR codes

Track individual items through the use of our admin interface. Using our admin site, you have the capability to assign each item with a specific barcode or QR code and have a custom checklist with those items.

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Scan asset(s) via phone or tablet
Inspect safety equipment/assets with your tablet or mobile device

Document Inspections using custom checklists
Checklist allows for yes/no responses, multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, and more

Photo capability
Easily capture images of your equipment or assets

Assign Corrective Action and Quickly Respond
Assign someone to fix the issues and respond in real-time

Data Analytics and Trending
Track assets using dashboard and analytical reports

Receive Daily, Weekly, Monthly Summary Reports
View inspection due dates and track items that require monitoring

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