Quickly scan equipment/assets
and document your inspection
using your mobile device

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What are the benefits...

Receive real-time notification when critical issues are recorded using SR Scan App! Just open the app on your smartphone or tablet and record the quality and state of your safety asset!

The SR Scan App is designed to give your employees an easy way to keep track of equipment and track their quality over time! It’s as easy as scanning the QR code or looking up the Equipment ID and conducting a single item inspection and submitting it

Using our scan app allows you to trend and analyze your data. Having a thorough understanding of the overall quality of your assets whether it be a ladder, fire extinguisher, or PPE. Our app helps improve your ability to keep track of items needing to be replaced or fixed!

barcodes/QR codes

Track individual items through the use of our admin interface. Using our admin site, you have the capability to assign each item with a specific barcode or QR code and have a custom checklist with those items.

Safety Scan QR code


Scan asset(s) via phone or tablet

Inspect safety equipment/assets with your tablet or mobile device

Document Inspections using custom checklists

Checklist allow for yes/no responses, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank and more

Photo capability

Easily capture images of your equipment or assets

Assign Corrective Action and quickly respond

Assign someone to fix the issues and respond in real-time

Data analytics and trending

Track assets using dashboard and analytical reports

receive daily, weekly, monthly summary reports

View inspection due dates and track items that require monitoring

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