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What are the benefits...

Imagine never having to shuffle paper again!  Use the SR Forms App to go completely paperless! Just open the app on your smartphone, tablet or computer and document your required forms using our simple, digital, mobile platform!

The SR Forms App is very easy to use…little if any training is needed. Using a smartphone, tablet or computer, your team will have data collected and submitted in no time leaving you with just one question…why didn’t I start using this sooner!

There’s no doubt the SR Forms App will drastically cut the time it takes to collect and submit data. But you’ll also save money on paper, copying, and more importantly, the time it takes to track down forms and file them. 

barcodes/QR codes

Track individual items through the use of our admin interface. Using our admin site, you have the capability to assign each item with a specific barcode or QR code and have a custom checklist with those items.


Convert All Paper Safety Forms

Easily build all your old paper safety forms and convert them to a digital format. Forms can be filled out via the web or mobile app.

Flexible Data Input Options

Capture data how you want. Respond to form questions with parent-child branching, multiple-choice, yes/no, numeric, text, and many more.

Photo capability

Capture photos on the fly or upload from your gallery

Send Reports In Real-Time

Send reports from the field via your phone or tablet as soon as they are complete. Reports will be sent via email as a PDF or Excel document

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