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Our JSA app helps to identify
potential hazards and implement
controls to minimize your risks.
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What are the benefits...

First, our JSA app helps to identify possible safety risks and execute control measures to eliminate or minimize your risks. And the process involves breaking down jobs into individual tasks which greatly improves your ability to identify risk and minimize the hazards associated with the job!

Second, you can use your completed JSA’s for orientation training or pre-job startup meetings.  Essentially, they become a Toolbox Talk that can be quickly and easily reviewed your employees to not only help them perform the job correctly but more importantly, safely!

Finally, our JSA app helps take complicated jobs and break them down into simple tasks. And once the tasks are identified, it’s much easier to identify the potential hazards associated with each task. Plus, once the hazards are identified, the process of developing control measures to eliminate or minimize the risk is simple!

Example Report

Click here to view our sample JSA Report

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Pricing & Features

Untitled design 48 - SR JSA AppJSA App

Identify risks and implement controls at NO COST to you!

Untitled design 44 - SR JSA AppTrack & Trend

Combine multiple users data into one dashboard!

JSA's in minutes

To begin, you can create comprehensive and professional JSA’s in no time. 

Browse our library of hazards and controls

Also, Safety Reports provides preloaded hazards and controls you can choose from or you can create a custom library that fits your needs.

Capture signatures and photos with ease

Next, you can just take a quick photo or get a signature effortlessly with our JSA app.


Don’t worry about compatibility.  Our apps work with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.


Finally, deliver JSA’s electronically via email.

Our Free Version

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