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Enjoy some helpful tips and interesting information Safety Reports creates with our SR Blogs! 

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Stay up-to-date with all the additions, changes, and updates that Safety Reports makes. Whether it’s on our mobile apps or on our dashboard pages, we will keep you informed. 

COVID-19 Resources

Going through a pandemic is not an easy thing to do, especially working through one. We want to help you get through these uncertain times with our COVID-19 posts. If you are looking for professional resources, checklists, training’s, tools, and/or helpful tips, we are here to help.

Safety Articles

Do you want to find different articles about safety? Here are a few that Safety Reports finds particularly interesting and we think you will too!

OSHA Enforcement

Get caught up with some of the OSHA Enforcements.  Also visit OSHA to see all of the Enforcement news releases.

OSHA Quicktakes

From OSHA policies to safety events, OSHA Quicktakes show how others are working to make every workplace safer. For more Quicktakes, visit the OSHA newsletter page.

the Safety Reports Suite

Safety Reports has an app for everything safety. Check out our suite of apps for your workplace safety needs, from our Inspection app to our Scan app and everything in between. 

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