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March 2022 Newsletter

Big News to Share!

ToolWatch LogoAs you may have heard, Safety Reports has recently been acquired by ToolWatch (LINK), a leading provider of tool and material management solutions that help construction companies and other businesses improve their operations across field, warehouse, and back-office teams. ToolWatch recognized Safety Reports as the leader in the mobile safety management space and a great addition to ToolWatch’s existing product offerings, leading to the acquisition.

This is great news for our customers! The new partnership brings deeper resources and additional expertise to Safety Reports, enabling us to address even greater challenges with our products. Our commitment is to further expand, innovate, streamline, and improve safety & compliance management for our customers, helping to mitigate operational risks and ultimately leading to safer worksites for employees.

Rest assured, our customers will continue to be able to use Safety Reports’ software as you currently do within your organization. Over the coming months, ToolWatch’s investment in Safety Reports will improve how we scale, deliver, innovate, and support our products.

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Inspection App Update Available (iOS v11.6 and Android v11.8)

Safety Reports has recently released an update to our Inspection App (iOS v11.6 and Android v11.8) which features multiple improvements from our previous version, including the option to auto-crop your inspection photos to save time and improve efficiency.

For the best experience, we ask that all customers update their Safety Reports Inspection app to the latest version. To check your version, select CONFIG in the menu bar of our mobile app and then select ACCOUNT. Your current version will be shown in the upper right corner of the screen.

If you do not have the most current version uploaded to your device(s), please update as soon as possible.

New! Auto-Crop Photos

With our new Inspection App update, users have the option to crop photos themselves after taking a picture from the app or have the Safety Reports Inspection app auto-crop photos for you to save time and improve your efficiency and productivity.

To enable the auto-crop feature, go to CONFIG in the app menu bar and then select ACCOUNT. From there, check the box directly under the green Login button that reads “Auto Crop Photos”. If this box is checked, the system will automatically crop your photos. If you prefer to crop the photos manually, just uncheck this box.

crop image screenshot

Safety Docs Will be Accessible in all Apps by all Users

Users of Safety Reports’ Observation, Incident, Scan and Forms apps can now access Safety Docs. We will make Safety Docs available from our Training and JSA apps soon as well. Up until now, this feature has only been available to our Inspection App users.

For those who aren’t familiar with our Safety Docs capability, it’s a document management system that enables employees using a Safety Reports app to access safety-related documents added to the system. No more manual distribution of your documents via email or paper copies. With Safety Docs, your employees will always have access to the most current version of safety policies, procedures, company newsletters, Safety Data Sheets and more!

Historically Safety Docs have only been available to users of the Inspection app, but soon all employees will have immediate access to any documents that are uploaded to the system, regardless of which app they use. Administrators create folders and upload PDF documents which are then available to non-admin users via their app’s “hamburger” menu in the upper left corner. There is no additional cost to use Safety Docs; only an Enterprise-level account is required.

OSHA Enforcement

OSHA Enforcement Activity

OSHA enforcement activity is on the rise and so are penalties for non-compliance. Following are just a few examples:

A metal fabrication company faces penalties after a worker was electrocuted while repairing a portable water heater.
More Info

An environmental firm was cited after a worker clearing brush in temperatures near 100 degrees suffered fatal heat exposure.
More Info

A frozen-pizza manufacturer was fined after a worker was fatally injured while cleaning a machine.
More Info

An employer with a history of fatal safety violations was cited for failing to provide required protection after two workers lost their lives at a construction site.
More Info

A manufacturing facility was fined for exposing workers to methylene chloride.
More Info

OSHA found that a saw mill and pallet manufacturer willfully exposed workers to serious hazards after a fatal fall.
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OSHA QuickTakes

Stay on top of the latest OSHA news, initiatives, and products to help identify and prevent workplace hazards.

The National Advisory Committee on Occupational Safety and Health will meet on Feb. 22, followed by the NACOSH Heat Injury and Illness Prevention Work Group on Feb. 25.
More Info

The Pacific Coast Safety Fest will be held March 14-17 to provide occupational safety training and resources. Register for the live virtual event at
More Info

April 11-15 is National Work Zone Awareness Week and the National Stand-Down to Prevent Struck-by Incidents.
More Info

Specific employers must submit required 2021 injury and illness data by March 2. Employers must post their 2021 Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses (Form 300A) from February 1 through April 30.
More Info

OSHA withdrew its Vaccination and Testing Emergency Temporary Standard and will focus on a permanent COVID-19 Healthcare Standard.
More Info

The Dept. of Labor will join federal agencies to address hazards in the telecommunications industry.
More Info

Join grain safety experts as they share solutions to storage and handling during this year’s Stand Up 4 Grain Safety virtual event April 4-8. Visit the campaign webpage for updates.
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