COVID-19 and its impact on worksite inspections

We were interested to gage the impact that COVID-19 has had on your ability to inspect work sites. The results are in:


30% of those who took the survey said that there was no impact on their ability to inspect.

38% stated that there was a significant to extreme impact on the ability to inspect.

80% stated, safety, in general, is negatively impacted.

83% then said safety culture is negatively impacted.

47% stated that they had implemented new strategies to address inspection frequency

40% of survey takers said they were exploring/planning new options to increase inspection frequency

Here are some safety strategies Safety Reports believe will make conducting these inspections easier.

Remote inspections using web conferencing tools (Zoom, Facetime, Teams, etc.)

Trainfield personnel on how to conduct self-inspections

Phone Inspections

After-hours/Weekend Audits

More frequent safety-remails to keep awareness up

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A survey created and conducted by Safety Reports

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