Virginia Workplace Standards for COVID-19

Emergency COVID regulations are taking place in Virginia. Here is a quick summary of what you can expect and how Safety Reports can help you and your team follow them.

To begin, Virginia has become the first state to pass a COVID Emergency Regulation. And, we are sure this will be the first of many. According to the regulation: 

    • First, employers are required to evaluate their various workplaces to determine exposure levels.
    • Second, each exposure level (very high, high, medium, lower) has mandatory requirements.
    • Third, employers must rescreen/survey each employee at the beginning of the shift.
    • Finally, employers are also required to provide certification of training.

Lastly, these newly approved standards require all employers, at a minimum, to order social distancing measures and face coverings for employees in customer-facing positions. When social distancing is not possible, employers must provide regular access to hand washing or hand sanitizer and regularly clean high-contact surfaces. Also, new standards require all employees to be notified within 24 hours if a coworker tests positive for the virus. Workers who are or suspected to be positive for COVID-19 cannot return for ten days or until they receive two back-to-back negative tests. Finally, these requirements take effect during the week of July 27, 2020.

In conclusion, we realize these standards are specific to the Commonwealth of Virginia. But, we feel these protocols will be a good model for workplaces across the U.S. to follow, regardless of whether or not they issue them in your state.


16VAC25-220, Emergency Temporary Standard Infectious Disease Prevention

Virginia Adopts First-in-the-Nation Workplace Safety Standards for COVID-19 Pandemic

Department of Labor and Industry / An Agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia

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