How to Prepare for a Second COVID-19 Wave

While we all continue to hope for the COVID-19 virus infection rate to decline and life to get back to normal, recent reports across the country are pointing to a second wave. This means employers need to prepare ahead of time to continue operating safely through the next few weeks or months. 

These are our recommendations to prepare your organization and protect your workers’ health in the event of a second COVID-19 wave. 

Monitor COVID-19 Developments

There is an enormous amount of information being published about COVID-19 online and through the media. New information seems to appear almost daily. This means it is very easy for different people to see different information, causing confusion. Keeping track of new information requires organization and a go-to person. 

We recommend appointing someone from your safety team or human resources team to be a point person that monitors COVID-19 developments related to your workers and in your business locations. This person would be responsible for gathering information from reputable sources and keeping all necessary leaders advised on guidelines and updates from the CDC and local, state, and federal governing bodies.

Sources to consider following are:

Create a Communication Strategy

As health professionals begin to understand the virus more and are able to predict the dangers and spread of the virus, it is essential to create a clear and consistent communication strategy. Every organization is unique, so your strategy will need to fit your business. 

The most effective communication plans begin by asking questions like:

  • What communication channels are needed and best fit our resources?
  • What information is most important for leadership to know and what is best for everyone else to know?
  • Where can employees find information without the help of leadership?
  • What form of technology can aid our communication?

Stock Up on PPE

Earlier in 2020, employers were challenged due to a shortage of personal protective equipment. Companies often relied on their employees to be the providers of their equipment. Fortunately, since that time, PPE providers, those actually creating masks, gloves, etc, have been able to grow the available quantity of PPE. Employers need to take advantage of this and stock up. We suggest having at least a one-month supply of PPE to help protect your workers in the event of another shortage or emergency situations. 

Make the Switch to Online Learning

The pandemic has not changed the need for safety training. However, it has changed the ability for some employers to meet with their employees to conduct training sessions easily. Limiting group gatherings and practicing social distancing effectively may mean traditional training can’t be done because you can’t be face to face to communicate. 

In order to be prepared for a second wave of COVID-19 and to conduct business efficiently, you should consider adopting training tools like the SR Scan App. Check out the video below to see how the SR Scan App can be used to conduct COVID-19 pre-screenings on the jobsite.

If you want to learn more about how the Safety Reports App Suite can help you innovate your business safety protocols, schedule a free demo with our specialists today!

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