Introducing Virtual Safety Reports (VSR)

Inspect Worksites Remotely

Virtual Inspections

Just like the name implies, with Virtual Safety Reports (VSR) you can inspect multiple worksites that are miles apart, without ever leaving your office.

Think of the savings in both time and dollars! And the best part, this feature is at no additional cost to our Enterprise customers (limited to 5 sessions per month per license).

virtual inspection laptop
Phone- VSR

Connect in Real Time

You, as the “host” inspector will connect with a “remote” inspector via their smartphone or tablet. No app download is needed. You simply enter their email or phone number from your inspection console, and they’ll receive a meeting link. They just need to click on the link and they’re instantly connected to your desktop or laptop.

Once connected, you will see and hear everything they do in real-time! You just instruct them on where to go and what you want to see. It’s truly like you’re there doing the inspection in person.

Take Photos

VSR let’s you capture photos from the remote inspectors mobile device and edit them while working from your desktop or laptop computer.

Just have the remote inspector point their camera at the inspection item and click “Take Snapshot”.  Just like that, the photo is uploaded to your report!

virtual inspection laptop

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