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Can Technology Make Safety Simpler and More Effective?

Can Technology Make Safety Simpler and More Effective? We surveyed 517 environmental, health & safety professionals to find out. We wanted to know how they:

  • Conduct their safety programs and processes;

  • Interact with safety regulations and protocols;

  • Use technology in their processes;

  • Feel about the effectiveness of new technologies such as mobile applications and automated processes.


Some highlights of the survey:

    • Nearly half (49.5%) of the survey takers still use paper to fill out forms, while the majority of respondents use Excel to report on aggregate monthly safety trends (50.9%).

    • 44.3% of respondents use smartphones or tablets for some of their environmental and safety tasks.

    • Despite the heavy use of mobile devices, only 14.3% of respondents have a mobile safety application deployed in the field.

    • At least 50% of all participants say their company has safety inspections on a monthly or more frequent basis.

    • The number one barrier that respondents feel is blocking their use of mobile solutions in the field is budget (42.2%). A distant second (24%) is internal resources.


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