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Get Ahead of the COVID-19 Virus With A Pre-Assessment Tool

In light of the recent pandemic that is hitting our country, Safety Reports wants to help you get ahead of the virus with our scan tool. By using our SR Scan app, make quick and easy pre-screening assessments. Get ahead of the virus before it even comes into the worksite.

Safety Reports are here for you and your workplace in a very uncertain time. 

Want to learn how to get ahead of the virus? Schedule a demo and a Safety Reports expert will show you how our prescreen assessment tool works!

Protect workers through easy pre-screen assessments

Catch those affected as soon as possible for a faster recovery.

Keep the worksite safe and efficient through any sickness

Download our scan App today!

Receive real-time notification when critical issues are recorded using SR Scan App! Just open the app on your smartphone or tablet and record the quality and state of your safety asset!

Track individual items through the use of our admin interface. Using our admin site, you have the capability to assign each item with a specific barcode or QR code and have a custom checklist with those items.