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Standard Account gives you access to the mobile app and a web login allowing you to complete, set-up, or finish inspections from your desktop/PC. The Standard Account allows for customization of our checklist(s), sending unlimited reports, adding unlimited CC’s to your reports, and ability to add multiple “Companies” i.e. locations, customers, or division to your account.
Enterprise Account offers everything the Standard Account offers plus; the ability to track/trend data collected from the Full/Sub User Account, ability to send electronic corrective actions, add user defined settings, edit the cover letter, ability to upload custom checklists, view all reports submitted by Full/Sub Users, and ability to purchase sub user licenses..

A sub-user is a user who acquires jobs/inspections assigned to them by the Admin/Enterprise User. Each job/inspection is created via the Enterprise Account and assigned to the Sub User giving them access to complete inspections/jobs when needed. The inspections/jobs assigned to the sub-user account can be set-up as a perpetual (inspection/job will always be on the sub-user account), reoccurring (daily, weekly, or quarterly basis), or assigned as a “one and done” (once a report is submitted from the sub-user account it is no longer available to them). Sub users work great for job site superintendents, foreman, shift managers, maintenance crews, hourly employees, etc.

You get one (1) Full User with the Enterprise Account, however you can add as many users on your account as needed. We simply charge per user and pricing decreases each time a full user is added.  You also get an Admin Account and can create multiple logins to your Admin Account at no additional cost.

The majority of licenses do not require a signed agreement and can be canceled at any time without penalty.

The app is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems (formatted for smartphones and tablets) and also works from your computer.

No, when working from the app you can turn to “Offline Mode” which allows the user to continuing using the app when poor or no connection is available. When the inspection is complete and Wi-Fi or cellular signal is strong, you can then “Sync” your inspection, and when synced, you may proceed to submit the report at any time.

Absolutely, yes! We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality customer service in the business. With customers in all 50 states and Canada we’re always available.

We offer, monthly, quarterly, or yearly payment plans. We accept all major credit cards and also accept checks.  Direct payments through bank accounts can also be set up.

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