The following categories are found in our DOT/FMCSR (49 CFR) Checklist.  Each category contains questions specific to DOT/FMCSR requirements and/or industry Best Practices:

  1. Financial Responsibility
  2. Accident Register
  3. Drug & Alcohol Testing Program
  4. Pre-Employment Testing
  5. Random Testing
  6. Post-Accident Testing
  7. Reasonable Suspicion Testing
  8. Driver Qualification Files
  9. Driver Applications
  10. Hours of Service
  11. Driver Logs
  12. Vehicle Maintenance
  13. Hazmat Transportation

Inspection items within each category reference the DOT/FMCSR standards (where applicable) and inspection reports contain a link to the DOT/FMCSR standards.  Checklists are customizable.

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