4 Ways to Simplify Your Safety Inspection Process

This article is the last in a series of discussions with Safety Reports co-founder Steve Polich in which he talks about his career and technology’s impact on workplace safety. Steve describes how safety consultants can leverage technology to support their careers. 

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Steve Polich, Safety Reports founder and Certified Safety Professional, has witnessed the evolution of safety inspections during his decades-long career. He offers some key takeaways for independent safety consultants on how best to leverage technological advances to maximize their careers and earnings

  1. Optimized site visits and streamlined report creation equate to time saved and increased productivity. Inspection apps like Safety Reports facilitate both of these goals. As a photo-based inspection app, Safety Reports expedites the walk-through process by letting consultants take photos and assign them to a pre-loaded OSHA checklist after the inspection is complete. Answers to these checklist questions automatically generate much of the report content, including applicable regulations, recommendations, and observations. And since it is easy to revisit items flagged for corrective action and track their status, Safety Reports not only optimizes current inspections but increases the efficacy and thoroughness of future inspections.
  2. Some independent safety consultants use a tiered fee structure that charges more for time on site versus report writing. As such, they are financially incented to complete as many site visits as possible. Safety Reports helps them achieve this goal by dramatically reducing the time spent generating reports.
  3. Increased productivity means additional income or the same income with less work. Because Safety Reports cuts report generation time for a typical one-hour site visit from 60 minutes down to 15 or 20 minutes, consultants can complete more inspections per week, thus generating more in fees, or can complete the same amount of inspections in less time, giving them more free time.
  4. The thoroughness and professionalism of the reports generated by Safety Reports may help with customer satisfaction and retention. Anecdotally, we hear that customers appreciate the level of detail and consistent format that the Safety Reports inspection report templates provide.

Gain Up to 3 Hours Back in Your Work Day Using Safety Reports

Streamline Your Safety Inspection Routine

chart showing timeline of typical day using safety reports

The true impact of mobile safety applications like Safety Reports on a safety consultant’s productivity is illustrated above. The graph on the left outlines a typical safety consultant’s day not using the time-saving technology – 3 hours are spent on-site visits, and an additional three hours are required at the day’s end to generate reports. The graph on the right illustrates the productivity benefits of Safety Reports.

While the time spent driving to/from and walking the sites remains the same, reports are generated in just 15 minutes before heading to the next inspection site. With three inspections a day, that means approximately 3 hours of time are freed up—giving you extra time for lunch too

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This is the final article in a series of discussions with Safety Reports founder Steve Polich in which he talks about his career, and the impact technology has on workplace safety.