Surface Mining (Part 56)

The following categories are found in our MSHA Part 56 (Surface Mining) Checklist.  Each category contains questions specific to MSHA requirements and/or industry Best Practices:

  1. Ground Control (Subpart B)
  2. Fire Prevention (Subpart C)
  3. Air Quality (Subpart D)
  4. Explosives (Subpart E)
  5. Loading, Hauling, Dumping (Subpart H)
  6. Travelways (Subpart J)
  7. Electricity (Subpart K)
  8. Compressed Air & Boilers (Subpart L)
  9. Machinery/Equip. Maint. (Subpart M)
  10. Machinery/Equip. Practices (Subpart M)
  11. Personal Protection (Subpart N)
  12. Materials Storage & Handling (Subpart O)
  13. Illumination (Subpart P)
  14. Safety Programs (Subpart Q)
  15. Miscellaneous (Subpart S)
  16. Training & Retraining (Part 46)
  17. Hazard Communication (Part 47)
  18. Behaviors

Note: Inspection items within each category reference the MSHA standard (where applicable) and inspection reports contain a link to the MSHA standard whenever a recommendation is issued.