Fact v. Fiction:
MOBILE APPs and Small businesses

There are many misconceptions when it comes to mobile apps and small businesses. Do you have doubts about making the transition? Check out these statistics about fact vs fiction on mobile apps and small businesses. 

 #1: Using an app doubles the amount of time it takes to complete simple projects

Some may think that using an app to do projects or inspection just adds time to the task itself. But apps a study shows that mobile apps save over 370M hr/yr.

#2: Most small businesses believe pen and paper save them time

Now, you might think that this opinion, is helped by a lot of other businesses. Well, in the same study, it’s estimated 1.28M small-businesses save time using mobile apps to do their tasks.

#3: It costs more money to get an efficient app than to just have the employees use pen and paper

Is it more cost-effective to stick with the traditional way rather than using an app? Based on average hours and pay, this study said that small-business owners saved an average of 14,000 per year by using an app for those tasks.

#4: Small business owners claim apps don’t help them be competitive

The fact is, 51% of small-firm owners stated using apps allowed them to be more competitive.

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