Get to Know the Safety Reports Observation App

Empower Employee Engagement

The Safety Reports Observation App was designed to allow employees to quickly and easily record “one-off” safety observations. Safety takes a village—your EHS employees cannot be everywhere at once—and enlisting your employees to take their safety into their own hands is one of the surest ways to maintain a safe environment.

See for yourself how simple and powerful our Safety Observations App can be as we walk through the process of logging a safety observation.

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How It Works

Employees can use the SR Observation App to quickly log one-off observations. Observations can be either positive or negative and can be submitted anonymously. There are a variety of ways to access and act on this real-time data:

  • Alerts regarding “High Severity” observations will be sent immediately to designated contacts.
  • Reports can be scheduled daily, weekly, and/or monthly to be delivered as an Excel file to designated contacts.
  • Data can also be viewed via the administrator dashboard, which keeps track of all open and closed observations.

Take immediate corrective action regarding bad safety practices, or use these observations to guide your company’s training plans. As for positive observations, reward employees who exhibit good safety practices to improve employee morale and create buy-in with your safety culture. Notifications on the “action taken” can be sent to your employees once an observation is closed.

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For specific use cases or to start improving your organizational safety practices today, schedule a time to demo our Observation App!