Conduct Inspections on the Fly

Safety Reports delivers one of the most robust, yet easy-to-use safety inspection applications on the market. We are well known for our comprehensive, fully customizable checklists built around regulatory standards like OSHA. We’ve created over 20 checklist templates (each including hundreds of questions) for almost every type of industry, including construction, manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, mining, maritime, agriculture and more.

Our checklists include dozens of categories with questions that reference regulatory standards.  Not only that, but they also include links to the standards. It’s a truly unique feature that sets Safety Reports apart from other inspection applications.

In addition to our standardized checklists, our safety inspection application includes a capability known as Ad Hoc inspections. Ad Hoc Inspections allow our subscribers to use their inspection apps without having to select from one of our preloaded checklists. 

This option works particularly well when performing inspections that are not based on standards for compliance purposes. For example, if you needed to perform a general liability review of a premise, or conduct a vehicle inspection, this option works particularly well.

What’s the upside to using Ad Hoc Inspections?

You can document literally any observation you want without the constraints of a checklist. Safety Reports voice dictation feature can greatly reduce the amount of time spent doing manual entry too.

What’s the downside to using Ad Hoc Inspections?

You won’t have a standardized checklist to use for the inspection, so you’ll need to have a good understanding of the subject matter that you are inspecting. The process of documenting your observations can also take a little longer since you’ll need to manually type them into the app, rather than clicking on a yes or no response.

What does it cost? 

The Ad Hoc Inspection option, like all of our standardized checklists, is included at no extra cost with your subscription to Safety Reports.

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