3 Reasons Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports are Essential

The Importance of DVIR

There are multiple reasons why you should conduct a Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR).  We’ve outlined 3 reasons below, but know that the most important reason for performing DVIRs is to reduce the number of crashes, injuries, and fatalities related to poor vehicle maintenance.  Conducting a comprehensive Driver Vehicle Inspection Report before and after each trip is essential to the safety and well-being of you, your drivers, and the motoring public.

Saving Money With DVIR

To begin, we all know that organizations want to save money, but how would a Driver Vehicle Inspection Report do this? First, a Driver Vehicle Inspection Report is a preventive maintenance checklist of a vehicle to ensure it is in good working order before use. These DVIR checklists outline everything a driver needs to look for, ranging from inside the vehicle to outside the vehicle. Now, the main items on a Driver Vehicle Inspection Report Checklist ask if the following items are in good working condition; Engine levels, tire pressure, insurance cards up to date, brakes are working properly, windshield free of cracks, turn signals work, seatbelts snap, fire extinguisher onboard, and more. By doing these daily DVIR checks, drivers can spot minor issues before they become a big problem. However, if these checks are missed, a minor issue can turn into a big issue causing the organization thousands of dollars and lost work time to cut into their bottom line.

Driver Vehicle Inspection Report Reduces Downtime

Secondly, DVIR Inspections reduce downtime by spotting minor issues before they become bigger problems. For example, Driver Vehicle Inspection Report Checklists can catch a tire pressure problem on one of the four tires. With the problem identified, using a simple air hose can fix this minor issue within seconds before the vehicle leaves the shop. However, if a Driver Vehicle Inspection Report Checklist was not conducted, the driver would have left the shop and risked the tire popping miles down the road. Now, the driver is stranded on the road for hours trying to get the issue resolved. This could cause the employee to not perform any work for the day and delay schedules or cause customers to cancel or leave bad reviews. Now, do not let minor issues slip through the cracks, complete a simple Driver Vehicle Inspection Report Checklist every day.

They Promote Safety

Finally, safety is the most important reason for conducting a DVIR Checklist. You want all employees to make it to work safely and back home to their families after the day is done. And, how can a Driver Vehicle Inspection Report Inspection help? Driver Vehicle Inspection Report Checklists can catch little items on a vehicle/equipment that may be overlooked if not conducted. When you left for work this morning, did you check all four tires before entering your car? Probably not. We assume that our vehicles will work perfectly every time we get in, but this is not always the case. Something as little as checking the tires can save a life. What if you were driving down the highway and the low tire popped and caused your vehicle to go into the other lane with oncoming traffic? The result of this would not end well. Do not get complacent with your day-to-day. Driver Vehicle Inspection Report’s are more than a law, they can help save a life.

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