Going Beyond OSHA Compliance with Asus

ASUS is a utility company whose 300 or so employees help military installations across eight states rebuild and maintain their water and wastewater infrastructure. The company always valued safety, but after a trench collapse in 2018 nearly seriously injured an employee, they began to ask themselves what more they could do to ensure their team’s safety, beyond dispatching safety teams to check for OSHA compliance. That’s when ASUS’ Employee Health and Safety Manager, Travis Adams, researched and discovered Safety Reports.

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Today, ASUS uses several of Safety Reports’ safety products to implement an innovative safety program that has taken them well past OSHA compliance. Safety Reports empowered their company to:

  • Establish two-way communication between management and employees to respond in real-time to new issues and incidents, such as the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Build customized pre- and post-inspection checklists that ensure worksites stay safe 24/7 for both employees and military personnel
  • Set up automated reporting and trend analysis that proactively identifies and communicates corrective actions for their field teams to take
  • Establish a culture of safety—not a document on a shelf, but a living breathing thing—integrated among their employees

Now, ASUS doesn’t sweat an OSHA inspection, because they know when the inspectors arrive they can take the lead in showing everything they are doing to promote a culture of safety. With over 10,000 inspections and 260,000 observations logged every year in the Safety Reports solution, the ASUS team prides itself on full transparency. Check out our webinar to learn more about how ASUS uses Safety Reports to support the full lifecycle of its safety program.

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