About Safety Reports

Safety-Reports is a SaaS company formed in 2011 in Omaha, Nebraska. We specialize in building and maintaining mobile safety solutions for all types of industries, including general, construction, consulting and insurance. Our apps are a valuable tool for Loss Control Representatives in the Insurance Industry, and Safety Consultants who provide third-party services.  

Safety Reports’ products include:

 1. Inspection App 

2. Training App 

3. JSA App 

4. Observation App 

5. Incident App 

6. Scan App 

7. Forms App

Our philosophy is to build “simple” safety apps to minimize the learning curve and maximize usage. We know that if the app is too difficult to use, our users will not use it and never fully achieve the benefits of a mobile solution. Keeping our app interface simple helps our customers overcome this challenge.

Also, while our apps are easy to use, the data is complete and meaningful. Our customers use this data to help drive safety improvement. And, we take great pride in knowing that the data collected using our applications help make workplaces safer and more compliant!

We work on providing reliable and timely service and support and if you read our reviews online, you’ll see that we constantly succeed in this important area. We take great pride in the service we provide and the relationships we build with our subscribers.

If you want to work with a U.S. based company, get quality products that are simple to use at a reasonable price, receive timely and reliable service and support, look no further! Safety Reports is the solution for you!

How we got started

Safety-Reports was founded in 2011 by Chet Slump and Steve Polich, CSP. At the time, Chet owned his own company that designed and built mobile apps for the Ag Industry and Steve worked in the insurance industry as a Loss Control Consultant.

One morning in the Spring of 2011, Steve and Chet met at a local coffee house in Omaha, NE and during their discussions, Steve happened to mention what a long week it was traveling across Nebraska doing safety inspections and then working late into the night typing up his reports.

Steve, half-jokingly said, “wouldn’t it be nice if there was an app for that”. Chet, somewhat surprised that there wasn’t, said: “draw it up and let’s build it”. And that’s how Safety-Reports came to be.

With Chet’s 15+ years of experience building apps and Steve’s knowledge gained over 12 years conducting audits for various industry groups, the two rolled up their sleeves and started building an inspection app that’s not only comprehensive and simple to use, but also affordable. By the time they were done, they built a “custom app solution” with an “off-the-shelf” price tag that’s appealing to many industry groups.

In conclusion, over the past few years, we’ve grown our company into one of the industry leaders in the workplace safety app market, in large part due to word-of-mouth referrals. 

the Safety Reports Suite

Safety Reports has an app for everything safety. Check out our suite of apps for your workplace safety needs, from our Inspection app to our Scan app and everything in between.
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