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Awesome Product

Awesome product! We’ve been using this product for a few years and our staff loves it!

Kim Enoch 150x150 - Awesome Product
Kim Enoch
AGC of Tennessee

Greater Productivity

The immediate creation of the report on the site…has streamlined the inspection and report process which allows me to be more productive!

Photo of David Simmons
David Simmons
Diversified Construction Safety, Inc.

Saved Us Thousands

Safety-Reports saved us potentially thousands of dollars in OSHA penalties, due to the detailed information and the increase in inspections supporting our defense.

Travis Johnson 150x150 - Saved Us Thousands
Travis Johnson
Scott and Murphy, Inc.

Corrective Action Tracking

I completed my audit, sent it out to the responsible people and they updated the corrective action, and I received instant notification. This is terrific stuff! Great job guys, love it!!!

Nicholas Grimaldi 150x150 - Corrective Action Tracking
Nicholas Grimaldi, CSP, ASP, CSH
Pioneer Industries, Intl.

An Industry Must-Have

With the ever-increasing emphasis on safety in the roofing industry, this product is a must-have! It has helped us develop our safety culture with easy to use and practical reporting.

NickBieker 150x150 - An Industry Must-Have
Nick Bieker
R.L. Craft Roofing Co.

Quick and Accurate Reports

Safety-Reports works great! It really helps me organize my reports and has saved me many hours of report writing time. In addition, I’m able to get the reports to my clients much faster.

Keith Badey
Bermac Risk Management, LLC

No More Late Reports

No more late nights in the office or a hotel room typing reports and no more late reports to the client thanks to Safety-Reports!

Eric Stephan
Safe Construction Consulting, LLC

Saves Time

We have experienced a significant reduction in man-hours to prepare safety audit reports and the back-end data is real-time and useful. Highly recommended.

Joseph Corvello 150x150 - Saves Time
Joe Corvello
American Bridge Company

Reduced Violations

Safety-Reports is simple to use and easy to set up. The abilities that it has to track safety violations has helped us focus on trends and helped to reduce the number of those violations.

Chris Johnson

A Whole Lot of Great

Great app and great service!

Troy Teepe 150x150 - A Whole Lot of Great
Troy Teepe
G&J Pepsi

Best in Class

By far the best inspection app on the market! If you want to achieve safety compliance this app is for you!

Charles Herrier 150x150 - Best in Class
Charles Herrier
Jack C Montgomery VA Medical Center

More Professional and Thorough

I am very impressed with the Safety-Reports app and website, it has made my safety inspections more professional, thorough and it is a quality of life upgrade for me out on the construction jobsites.

Ben C. Bookman
Bi-Con Services, Inc.