MSHA (Part 56)

The following categories are found in our MSHA Part 56 (Surface Mining) Checklist.  Each category contains questions specific to MSHA requirements and/or industry

  • Ground Control (Subpart B)
  • Fire Prevention (Subpart C)
  • Air Quality (Subpart D)
  • Explosives (Subpart E)
  • Loading, Hauling, Dumping (Subpart H)
  • Travelways (Subpart J)
  • Electricity (Subpart K)
  • Compressed Air & Boilers (Subpart L)
  • Machinery/Equip. Maint. (Subpart M)
  • Machinery/Equip. Practices (Subpart M)
  • Personal Protection (Subpart N)
  • Materials Storage & Handling (Subpart O)
  • Illumination (Subpart P)
  • Safety Programs (Subpart Q)
  • Miscellaneous (Subpart S)
  • Training & Retraining (Part 46)
  • Hazard Communication (Part 47)
  • Behaviors

Inspection items within each category reference the MSHA standards (where applicable) and inspection reports contain a link to the MSHA standards.  Checklists are customizable.

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