4 Little Changes That’ll
Make a Big Difference with Your Safety Inspections

Every job site is different, with different inspection methods. One job site could have many kinds of procedures. Having to think of everything can be overwhelming, but we want to ease some of that. Here are four small changes that’ll make a big difference with your safety inspections.

Ditch the pen and paper, go digital!

To begin with, using mobile applications like the Safety Reports Inspection app can ease the pressure that comes with safety inspections. When using a mobile safety app, the tedious task of filling out hours of reports, is cut in half. With our inspection app, you can send those reports before you even leave the site. It helps with the overall accuracy of those reports. Instead of having to type up and have to recall little details, you are doing it right then and there creating less work. And, you save. Beyond saving the hours typing up reports, you save money on paper, and with it being more accurate and detailed, you save lives.

Narrow your focus

Second, an inspector could potentially have one entire job site to do. Now, that can be very overwhelming. For example, instead of worrying about the job site as a whole, divide it into sections, that way when inspecting, you can examine more thoroughly and ease the stress at looking at everything as a whole.

Multiple eyes are better than 2

Thirdly, when one person has to do an entire job site alone, it can be very overwhelming, and things can get missed. Now, having a partner when doing these audits can help improve the workload and overall safety. By splitting up a job site, both safety professionals can take the time needed to give the most accurate and detailed inspection. There are only so many hours in the day, so, when doing safety audits, you only have a small window to do everything you need to do.

Stay up-to-date

Finally, as times change and technology changes, so do safety standards. Staying up to date on regulatory standards will not only improve your ability to identify hazards, but it will also give you the confidence to complete your inspections as thoroughly as possible. Safety Reports’ checklists include references to regulatory measures. We provide links to these standards. We keep them up to date to give you the peace of mind!


Over the years, safety inspections have been continuing to evolve as we do. Continuous updating and refreshing yourself on new techniques and tricks will benefit your knowledge in the safety industry. Safety Inspections are vital, and with being so important, it can be overwhelming using these techniques or others like these can ease the stress.

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