Professional Risk services nevada


Founded out of the desire to actually help companies achieve a culture shift in the safety area, Professional Risk Services Nevada is a client-driven and results-focused risk and safety consulting firm. With a solid reputation for doing honest caring work, the firm places integrity and skill at the front of everything we do. More often than not, clients come to us via referral or word of mouth. The construction industry may be big but it’s still a pretty tight community. We know the better our services the more opportunities will come our way. Every client receives our full and undivided attention. This allows us to guarantee the work and provides clients with the assurance that they made the right choice.


    • Risk & Safety Consulting
    • Safety Training and Certification
    • Risk Evaluations, Analysis & Consultation
    • Workplace Violence/Sexual Harassment Prevention Training & Consultation
    • Competent Person Training
    • Work Comp Accident Investigation & Root Cause Analysis
    • Site-Specific Training and Safety Program Development
    •  Workplace Safety Solutions
    • Personal & Workplace Security Awareness Solutions
    •  Cost-Effective Risk & Safety Management Services
    • Custom Tailored, Client Based Programs
    •  Real-World Proven Risk & Safety Management


Headquarters in North Las Vegas, Nevada


Services Provided in Western USA and Nationwide