Virtual Safety Reports (VSR)

OMAHA, NEB.- Safety Reports is excited to announce the release of Virtual Safety Reports! Like the name implies, Virtual Safety Reports (VSR) lets those using the Safety Reports Inspection App complete their worksite inspections without ever leaving the office! A perfect solution in this day of restricted travel and social distancing!

VSR works using a web portal that connects to a remote inspector via their smartphone or tablet. No app download is needed. Just a simple email or text to the remote inspector and the host inspector is connected to their camera and audio. Everything the remote inspector sees, the host inspector sees in real-time! As the remote inspector walks the site, the host inspector has the option to take pictures that will automatically upload to the inspection report.

“The idea of using our app to conduct virtual or remote inspections has been in the works for some time now with a scheduled release in the Fall of 2020. But with the current pandemic and travel restrictions in place, we expedited the development;” said Chet Slump, CEO and co-founder of Safety-Reports. “Our development team deserves all the credit for getting this new feature out the door in record time!”

“VSR will save our customers thousands in travel costs and add hours to their day!” said Steve Polich, CSP, President, and co-founder. “Another added benefit will be the knowledge gained by those doing the remote inspections. Imagine the amount of learning that will take place having a safety manager guide the remote inspector through the workplace helping to identify potential safety hazards, and of course, point out the positives”. continues to be a leader in the development of mobile safety solutions for worksite inspections, worksite data tracking, tracking of employee training history, toolbox talks, incident tracking, and more. Safety Reports simplifies the workflows of everyday safety tasks that have previously been completed with paper or excel documents.

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