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The Safety+Health 2020 Training Survey

This month, Safety+Health presents the results of our 2020 Training Survey.

The survey was conducted in March, just as the COVID-19 pandemic was taking a major hold in the United States.

It would have been hard to anticipate just how disruptive the pandemic has been to a large number of American workplaces.

Employees in essential industries have stayed on the job, while others wonderMale work building construction engineering occupation project how the workplace will look when they return – or if they’ll have a job to come back to at all.

As events unfold, one of the many questions occupational safety and health professionals have to wrestle with is, how will safety training change? Will safety pros who use classroom training return to that model (with adjustments), or is virtual training the way to go? Will safety budgets go up, or take a hit?

We hope you find the results from this year’s survey – including how much respondents spent on training, who they train and the types of training they offer – useful. And we look forward to conducting the survey again next year when your responses will help us paint a picture of how much the safety training landscape has altered.

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Our Thoughts

It will be interesting to compare the results of this year’s survey, conducted in March before knowing the full impact of COVID-19, to the results of next year’s survey…no doubt, there will be some notable changes.

At Safety Reports, we have built an option into our Toolbox Training App that allows the instructor to take a photo of the attendees, rather than have them use their finger or stylus to sign the tablet. That’s just one small step that we’ve taken to minimize exposure when conducting in-person training. 

We have also added a remote training option that allows the instructor to email the student a toolbox talk with built-in exam questions. The recipient just needs to open the toolbox talk and when they answer all the questions correctly, they get credit for completing the training. Again, just another subtle change thanks in part to COVID-19. 

Safety Reports is also working to add an option for employers to assign a bar code or QR code to employees, where the instructor just scans the code as employees arrive for training, further reducing exposure created by signing a traditional paper roster. 

Stay safe, stay healthy…stay positive!

Steve Polich, CSP

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