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PrecipAlert lets you pinpoint your job site and tracks rainfall amounts at multiple locations and quickly react by managing people and equipment.



Pinpoint your job site
and configure alerts for rain events
for that specific location...


Track rainfall amounts at multiple locations
and quickly react by managing
people and equipment...


Receive email and text alerts when your
job site is expecting or receives project
halting rainfall amounts...


When you sign up, the following features will be available:

Daily Email Reports

First, PrecipAlert provides daily emails that recap the last day’s total rainfall.

The PrecipAlert daily email report delivers the last 24 hours of collected rainfall for each of your locations.

Now, Daily emails are sent twice a day, providing you with an overnight (sent at 6 am central) and daily recap (sent at 6 pm central) of each location’s rainfall.

Also, the rainfall data is archived automatically for each location allowing you to create project or location review reports of all rainfall detected throughout a project.

View a sample monthly spreadsheet report by clicking here.

Figure 1: Daily Rainfall Report

Figure 1: Map Location

Precise GPS Location

Next, you can easily add your locations using the Google Maps interface. And, upon entering your address, zip code, or even your latitude and longitude, you can pinpoint your exact location. Then, enter your detailed location or project name to track both rainfall events as well as forecast rainfall for that area.

Alert Customization

Also, PrecipAlert allows you to configure alerts for both hourly and daily time frames. It allows you to set the desired threshold to be reached before sending an alert. Alerts can be set for both collected rainfall as well as forecast rainfall for your selected location.
And, the alerts are easily activated and deactivated by simply checking the box of the desired alert. Alerts can be sent to many recipients either via email or text messages. It’s that easy!

Figure 1: PrecipAlert Alerts Settings

Figure 1: Daily Precipitation

Precipitation History

PrecipAlert keeps track of your precipitation amounts by day and stores the data for you to review.

Alert Customization

Finally, our PrecipAlert service provides rainfall data for the continental United States based upon information generated by the National Weather Service’s 144 Nexrad radar stations. The radar estimated rainfall is collected continuously and then compiled once an hour to calculate the total hourly rainfall.

The rainfall totals + a multi-sensor precipitation analysis (refines the radar-derived rainfall data using rain measurements) from thousands of locations = rainfall data represent an exact accounting of rainfall down to a 2.5-mile area (4 km). 

The PrecipAlert service also gives area forecast rainfall amounts based upon model data generated by the National Weather Service. PrecipAlert uses this data to capture forecasted rainfall amounts down to the GIS level. Plus, by watching this information for each of your desired locations, PrecipAlert notifies you when the selected thresholds which you determine are reached.

Finally, creating your locations and establishing your alerts is as easy as dropping a pin on a map and selecting your monitor settings. Get started today!

Figure 1: PrecipAlert Alerts Settings

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