January 2019 OSHA Quicktakes

Be Prepared to Protect Workers from Winter Weather-Related Hazards

Winter Weather

As outdoor temperatures drop and winter storms approach, employers should take measures to keep their workers safe. OSHA’s Winter Weather webpage provides information on protecting workers from hazards while working outside during severe cold and snow storms. This guidance includes information on staying safe while clearing snow from walkways and rooftops.

Winter weather presents hazards including slippery roads/surfaces, strong winds and environmental cold. Employers must prevent illnesses, injuries, or fatalities, by controlling these hazards in workplaces impacted by winter weather.


Weather is very unpredictable, but it can be a little easier to predict with our PrecipAlert. PrecipAlert lets you inpoint your job site and tracks rainfall amounts at multiple locations and quickly reacts by managing people and equipment. 

The PrecipAlert Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of each of your work sites precipitation for the last 30 days.  By monitoring the dashboard you can analyse your work site conditions and manage people and equipment maximizing resource positioning and utilization. Sign up for your demo today!

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