April 2021 Enforcement

OSHA cites food company after production worker suffers partial arm amputation from cleaning auger

While cleaning an auger used to rice potatoes, a 39-year-old production worker found her left arm caught in a running auger. The worker suffered multiple lacerations and the partial amputation of her arm. Co-workers had to cut the auger apart to free her arm.

An investigation in September 2020 by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration determined that BEF Foods Inc. failed to shut down and isolate energy to the auger during maintenance work, a process known as lockout/tagout. The company, which operates as Bob Evans Farms, also failed to train employees on the required use of lockout/tagout procedures when conducting maintenance activities.

OSHA has proposed penalties of $136,532 for two repeat violations of machine safety standards. The agency cited BEF Foods Inc. for similar violations in 2016 at the same facility.

“Machines and equipment must be disabled before workers perform service and maintenance to prevent unexpected startup or release of hazardous energy,” said OSHA Area Director Kimberly Nelson in Toledo, Ohio. “OSHA has specific regulations for implementing required training and safety procedures to protect workers from dangerous machinery.”

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