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Our observation app allows employees to quickly and easily record “one-off” safety observations.

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What are the benefits...

No more printing safety topics to paper and manually scanning or tracking attendance rosters.  Let the Safety Training App improve your company’s safety program by utilizing the best “free” training app available!

No more sending safety talks to your crews and hoping that they complete them and turn in documentation.  The Safety Training App helps automate the process by scheduling and tracking your Toolbox Talk sessions!

Training confirmation is simple when your safety talks are completed electronically.  Just hit “send” and your training documents, complete with signatures, is delivered via email.


Schedule daily, weekly or monthly “Observation Reports” and have them delivered in Excel via email to designated contacts. Observations categorized as “High Severity” will be delivered in real-time via email. The system also includes a dashboard page that can be accessed from your Administrative Account. Keep track of all open and closed observations.  Also, you can also send notification to your employees on the “action taken” to close any negative observations that were submitted.

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Quick "ONE-off" observations

Make simple and quick positive or negative observations.

easy employee involvement

Get the employees involved with their own safety. Our app is a great way to reward positive safety practice and use the negative a s a training opportunity.

daily observation summary reports

Get a daily report of observations made.


Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

analytics for tracking & Trending Data

Track positive and negative observations made.

Great Tool for Employee Recognition Programs

Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets


Deliver training records as an electronic file via email

Our Free Version

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