Here’s the categories and questions for our COVID-19 Virus Preparedness Checklist.  

Recommended Strategies

Sick employees absence valid without doctor’s note?

Employees allowed to stay home w/ affected family?

Sick employees separated/sent home immediately?

Hygiene/stay home policy posters displayed conspicuously?

Hygiene products (tissues, soap, sanitizer) provided?

Routine environmental cleaning performed to standard?

Employees adequately informed prior to travel & return?

Employees adequately assess exposure risk?

Outbreak Planning

Employer includes flexibility in business response?

Employer plans include required objectives?

Response planning includes disease severity?

Response planning includes high-risk employee impacts?

Response planning includes planning for increased absences?

Local managers empowered to take appropriate action?

Employer coordinates with State and Local authorities?

Response plan discussed/exercised?

Response plan shared with all required parties?

Best practices shared to improve response?

Potential work-related exposures identified?

Social distancing strategies explored/enacted?

Essential business functions identified & effects controlled for?

Plan activation details (triggers procedures etc.) identified?

Outbreak communication process established?

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