5 Qualities The Best People In The Safety Industry Tend To Have

5 qualities

the best people in the safety industry tend to have

Any one can be a good safety professional but it takes more to be a great safety professional. Here are 5 qualities the best safety professional tend to have:

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U.S. Disasters and OSHA

U.S. Disasters

& the creation of OSHA

There have been many things and events that have affected workplace safety in the United States. Here are a few of the biggest events that has shaped U.S. safety as we know it:

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Fact v. Fiction

Fact v. Fiction

Mobile App edition

There are many misconceptions when is comes to using mobile apps v. the traditional pen and paper for you small business.  Do you have doubts about making the transition? Checkout these statistics about mobile apps and small business. 

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Winter Safety Stats

Winter Safety Stats

Winter is upon us and tis’ the season for slick roads, wet floors, and miserably cold weather. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are out and about this winter, whether it be in the workplace or on your time off.

Winter safety stats
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michael bader 727669 unsplash 650x433 - OSHA Embraces Leading Indicators

OSHA Embraces Leading Indicators

OSHA Embraces Leading Indicators

Safety Reports apps can be used to track leading indicators to improve safety and health outcomes in your workplace!

Many employers track their injury or illness rates using lagging indicators. Lagging indicators are useful because they can alert an employer to a safety and health program failure that may be causing injuries or illnesses. Unfortunately, lagging indicators do not reveal hazards until after an injury or illness occurs. Therefore, employers should also consider using leading indicators. Leading indicators are proactive, preventive, and predictive measures. A good safety and health program uses leading indicators to drive change and lagging indicators to measure effectiveness. OSHA has published a guidance document that provides an overview of leading indicators and illustrates a systematic method for using leading indicators.

Using Leading Indicators to Improve Safety and Health Outcomes

Employers are encouraged to use this document to learn how they can use leading indicators to improve safety and health outcomes in the workplace.

Stakeholder Meeting on Using Leading Indicators To Improve Safety and Health Outcomes

OSHA invites interested parties to participate in a stakeholder meeting to share information on their use of leading indicators to improve safety and health outcomes in the workplace.

Integrate Safety Reports Inspection Data with Procore

SafetyReports Logo Horizontal White copy 1024x126 - Integrate Safety Reports Inspection Data with Procore

is INTEGRATEd with

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Integrate Safety Reports
Inspection Data with Procore


Omaha, Neb. – Safety Reports, a leader in the development of mobile safety solutions, has recently integrated their safety inspection software with Procore, a leading provider of construction management software. The new integration provides a seamless connection between Safety Reports and Procore, it’s easy to implement and free.

Available for Apple® and Android™ operating systems, the Safety Inspection App automatically uploads your safety documents and corrective action reports to Procore’s job folders allowing your team to stay on top of, and react to, important safety inspection data in a timely manner.

“We decided to integrate with Procore in large part because many of our subscribers are in the construction industry and the vast majority utilize Procore;” said Steve Polich, President and co-founder of Safety-Reports. “Procore allows contractors to manage and share a large variety of worksite documents and it only made sense to add our safety inspection and corrective action reports to their file sharing capabilities!”

“Our subscribers will appreciate how easy it is to integrate their Safety Reports account with Procore, and the benefits it will bring to their safety efforts!” says Chet Slump, CEO and co-founder of Safety-Reports. “And the best part, the integration is free to our subscribers!”

Said John Duncan, Safety Director with Lueder Construction Company, “We’re looking forward to having our inspection documents automatically uploaded to Procore!  Communicating important safety information with our team has always been important, and now it will be easier than ever!”

Get everyone on the same page today and integrate your Safety Reports account with Procore! For more information about Safety-Reports and the integration process, visit www.safety-reports.com or the Procore App Marketplace .

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4 Podcats you should be listening to if you are a 650x650 - 4 Podcasts for Safety Professionals

4 Podcasts for Safety Professionals

4 podcasts for safety professionals

If you are a safety professional, you should be listening to these


   Imagine, you are getting in your car, what is one of the first things you do? If you’re like much of the population, you turn on the radio, Spotify, Pandora, iHeart Radio, or other music outlets. Now, that more of the world has smartphones, places like Spotify, Apple Music and iHeart radio, have beaten out radio. If you use one of these apps or a similar one, this is for you. 

   More and more people are expanding from just using these for music but go to find podcasts of topics they are interested in. There are over 750,000 shows out there, according to Podcasts Insights. So, if you are interested in occupational health and safety, or are in the that field, there are podcasts tailored to you.

   These podcasts are a great way to stay up to date on standards, learn new skills and different approaches, and relate to others in multiple different industries. In this post, I’m going to share with you 4 of the numerous safety podcasts that you could be listening to. Let’s get started.

#1. ASSP

         Started in Oct. of 2018, this podcast is hosted by Scott Fowler. This show centers around safety standards and keeping you up to date on different standards or trends.

These short episodes also bring on different guestsfrom all types of industries.

         Learn more about ASSP

#2. WorkSAFE

         This safety podcast is hosted by Missouri Employers Mutual. This podcast gives you “interviews, stories, and strategies” for all different kinds of industries. Started in 2017, they give you many different points of view on safety.

         Learn more about Missouri Employer Mutual

#3. Accidental Safety Pro

Hosted by Jill James, the CSO of Vivid Learning Systems, this podcast is about you, the safety professional. Jill interviews many about how they got to the position they are in and asks about their career, what they have learned, what they have enjoyed and that they have not found so enjoyable.

Learn more about Vivid

#4. SafetyPro Podcast

         Blaine J. Hoffmann, MS OSHM, has been teaching businesses how to keep the employees safe for years. So, he started this podcast to teach those he doesn’t reach safe strategies, to keep everyone up to date with today’s standards, and even provide listeners with multiple tools and worksheets to help with safety.

         Hoffmann tells his origins in safety in episode 000: Intro to The SafetyPro Podcasts.

Observation App Coming Soon!

Safety Obs App - Observation App Coming Soon!

Submitting observations has never been easier! This new app will work on your smartphone, tablet and computer.  The simple interface allows your employees to quickly document both positive and negative observations with an option to add notes, photos, location, severity and more!  It’s designed for “all” employees, not just safety professionals. The app works great for “one-off” observations and is not intended for use as a comprehensive audit tool.  Everything is managed from a single screen in the app reducing the need for training.  In short, anyone and everyone can use it to become more actively engaged in safety! 

It’s like having a digital Safety Suggestion Box!


Click here for more info

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