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michael bader 727669 unsplash 650x433 - OSHA Embraces Leading Indicators

OSHA Embraces Leading Indicators

OSHA Embraces Leading Indicators

Safety Reports apps can be used to track leading indicators to improve safety and health outcomes in your workplace!

Many employers track their injury or illness rates using lagging indicators. Lagging indicators are useful because they can alert an employer to a safety and health program failure that may be causing injuries or illnesses. Unfortunately, lagging indicators do not reveal hazards until after an injury or illness occurs. Therefore, employers should also consider using leading indicators. Leading indicators are proactive, preventive, and predictive measures. A good safety and health program uses leading indicators to drive change and lagging indicators to measure effectiveness. OSHA has published a guidance document that provides an overview of leading indicators and illustrates a systematic method for using leading indicators.

Using Leading Indicators to Improve Safety and Health Outcomes

Employers are encouraged to use this document to learn how they can use leading indicators to improve safety and health outcomes in the workplace.

Stakeholder Meeting on Using Leading Indicators To Improve Safety and Health Outcomes

OSHA invites interested parties to participate in a stakeholder meeting to share information on their use of leading indicators to improve safety and health outcomes in the workplace.

Integrate Safety Reports Inspection Data with Procore

SafetyReports Logo Horizontal White copy 1024x126 - Integrate Safety Reports Inspection Data with Procore

is INTEGRATEd with

Procore Logo FC White RGB 300x37 - Integrate Safety Reports Inspection Data with Procore

Integrate Safety Reports
Inspection Data with Procore


Omaha, Neb. – Safety Reports, a leader in the development of mobile safety solutions, has recently integrated their safety inspection software with Procore, a leading provider of construction management software. The new integration provides a seamless connection between Safety Reports and Procore, it’s easy to implement and free.

Available for Apple® and Android™ operating systems, the Safety Inspection App automatically uploads your safety documents and corrective action reports to Procore’s job folders allowing your team to stay on top of, and react to, important safety inspection data in a timely manner.

“We decided to integrate with Procore in large part because many of our subscribers are in the construction industry and the vast majority utilize Procore;” said Steve Polich, President and co-founder of Safety-Reports. “Procore allows contractors to manage and share a large variety of worksite documents and it only made sense to add our safety inspection and corrective action reports to their file sharing capabilities!”

“Our subscribers will appreciate how easy it is to integrate their Safety Reports account with Procore, and the benefits it will bring to their safety efforts!” says Chet Slump, CEO and co-founder of Safety-Reports. “And the best part, the integration is free to our subscribers!”

Said John Duncan, Safety Director with Lueder Construction Company, “We’re looking forward to having our inspection documents automatically uploaded to Procore!  Communicating important safety information with our team has always been important, and now it will be easier than ever!”

Get everyone on the same page today and integrate your Safety Reports account with Procore! For more information about Safety-Reports and the integration process, visit or the Procore App Marketplace .

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4 Podcats you should be listening to if you are a 650x650 - 4 Podcasts for Safety Professionals

4 Podcasts for Safety Professionals

4 podcasts for safety professionals

If you are a safety professional, you should be listening to these


   Imagine, you are getting in your car, what is one of the first things you do? If you’re like much of the population, you turn on the radio, Spotify, Pandora, iHeart Radio, or other music outlets. Now, that more of the world has smartphones, places like Spotify, Apple Music and iHeart radio, have beaten out radio. If you use one of these apps or a similar one, this is for you. 

   More and more people are expanding from just using these for music but go to find podcasts of topics they are interested in. There are over 750,000 shows out there, according to Podcasts Insights. So, if you are interested in occupational health and safety, or are in the that field, there are podcasts tailored to you.

   These podcasts are a great way to stay up to date on standards, learn new skills and different approaches, and relate to others in multiple different industries. In this post, I’m going to share with you 4 of the numerous safety podcasts that you could be listening to. Let’s get started.

#1. ASSP

         Started in Oct. of 2018, this podcast is hosted by Scott Fowler. This show centers around safety standards and keeping you up to date on different standards or trends.

These short episodes also bring on different guestsfrom all types of industries.

         Learn more about ASSP

#2. WorkSAFE

         This safety podcast is hosted by Missouri Employers Mutual. This podcast gives you “interviews, stories, and strategies” for all different kinds of industries. Started in 2017, they give you many different points of view on safety.

         Learn more about Missouri Employer Mutual

#3. Accidental Safety Pro

Hosted by Jill James, the CSO of Vivid Learning Systems, this podcast is about you, the safety professional. Jill interviews many about how they got to the position they are in and asks about their career, what they have learned, what they have enjoyed and that they have not found so enjoyable.

Learn more about Vivid

#4. SafetyPro Podcast

         Blaine J. Hoffmann, MS OSHM, has been teaching businesses how to keep the employees safe for years. So, he started this podcast to teach those he doesn’t reach safe strategies, to keep everyone up to date with today’s standards, and even provide listeners with multiple tools and worksheets to help with safety.

         Hoffmann tells his origins in safety in episode 000: Intro to The SafetyPro Podcasts.

Observation App Coming Soon!

Safety Obs App - Observation App Coming Soon!

Submitting observations has never been easier! This new app will work on your smartphone, tablet and computer.  The simple interface allows your employees to quickly document both positive and negative observations with an option to add notes, photos, location, severity and more!  It’s designed for “all” employees, not just safety professionals. The app works great for “one-off” observations and is not intended for use as a comprehensive audit tool.  Everything is managed from a single screen in the app reducing the need for training.  In short, anyone and everyone can use it to become more actively engaged in safety! 

It’s like having a digital Safety Suggestion Box!


Click here for more info

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santa 31665 1280 650x459 - December Newsletter

December Newsletter


Inspect & Analyze

Inspection Admin Dashboard

As many of you know, Safety Reports offers a great tool for documenting inspections and generating reports in real-time. But if you don't do anything with that data, what did you really accomplish?

Safety Reports offers several analytical reports that go above and beyond inspections to help you improve safety. Reports can be filtered in a variety of ways to help drill down into the data.
If you'd like assistance viewing your Analytical Reports, please contact us.

Click the button below to view our sample reports. Note, several new reports have been recently added.

Select the tab that reads Analytic Reports when visiting this page.

Checklist Updates

Several updates have been made to our checklists this past month. See below:

We added a new category called Temporary Heating Devices to all three of our Construction Checklists.

We added several new questions to Supported Scaffolds to audit guardrail systems.

We added a new question to all six of our Scaffold checklists (i.e. Baker, Suspension, Mast Climber, etc.) to address inspection requirements.

We added new questions to Traffic Control to address the requirements for use of steel plates over excavations in roadways.

Signature Files

Did you know you can upload your own signature file to your cover letter to replace the computer generated signature?   

Computer Generated Signature
Singature%20File%20 %20Computer - December Newsletter
Actual Signature File
Singature%20File%20 %20Actual - December Newsletter
Please contact us and we’ll get you set up!

New Apps

Big changes are in store for 2019 at Safety Reports! We started out with our inspection app in 2011 and in 2018 made the decision to expand our offerings.

We released our Safety Toolbox Talk App this past Summer.

We're currently building our JSA App which should be released in late December or early January.

We'll also working on building an Incident Reporting App which will be released in the Spring of 2019!

Future plans include adding bar code scanning, push notifications and more!

Learn more about our products by visiting our menu bar on the top of the screen.

My Post 32 1024x256 - December Newsletter
Retro Health Spotlight

Scott, Retro Health

1. What do you like most about Safety Reports?
Safety Reports has made the entire auditing process more efficient by spending less time creating a report and following-up on corrective actions. I now spend more time in the warehouse areas instead of sitting in the office doing reports. I am also able to generate reports for our monthly management meetings.
Click the photo to view more of this Spotlight

Safety Reports Apps

Safety Reports released our Inspection App in 2011. And in our biased opinion, we think it’s one of the most comprehensive, yet simple to use audit tools on the market today. 

Computer Tablet Smartphone 195 - December Newsletter

More recently, we released our Safety Toolbox Talk App

We’re currently developing a JSA App that should be released in late December or early January.

And we’ll be releasing our much anticipated Incident Reporting App in the Spring of 2019!

Learn more about our products by visiting  our tabs on the menu bar.
Or, click the link below to schedule a demo.


  1. ASSP Exposition 2020

    June 23, 2020 @ 8:00 am - June 25, 2020 @ 5:00 pm

Photo of the Month

Photo of the Month-Newsletter

Hands down, these guys work great together!

NOTE: This photo was not taken using our app. We do NOT post/use customer supplied photos without obtaining written consent. Source:


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iStock 552721763 1 6 - See Safety Reports in Action

See Safety Reports in Action

iStock 552721763 1 1024x683 - See Safety Reports in Action

Monday, November 26th, Construction Dive posted an article outlining how data, technology, and how changing the culture can alleviate safety risks. Safety Reports was mentioned by one of its customers, The Walsh Group, one of the companies interviewed for this article.

When talking about using Safety Reports Safety Inspection app to collect safety data, the Walsh group said “This changed the game about a year ago for us… For the first time, we could collect data across the company and could look at how safe we were during regular work and rework.” The article also shared how the data collected using the app showed that a worker was 10 times more likely to get hurt during rework.

To read the full article Click Here

Safety-Reports was founded in November 2011 by Chet Slump and Steve Polich, CSP.  Over the past few years we’ve grown our company into one of the industry leaders in the inspection app market. If you’re looking for a mobile inspection app, you’ll find that with Safety-Reports, you’re not just subscribing to a solution, but you’re also partnering with a company that will always put your needs first!

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My Post 155 650x650 - Safety Reports Integrates with PlanGrid

Safety Reports Integrates with PlanGrid

Omaha, NE, November 15, 2018My Post 155 300x300 - Safety Reports Integrates with PlanGrid(– Safety Reports, a leader in the development of mobile safety solutions, has integrated its Safety Reports Inspection mobile app and web application with PlanGrid software.

With PlanGrid integration, Safety Reports customers can have their Safety Reports inspection documents and corrective action tracking reports automatically delivered into the PlanGrid system. The PlanGrid integration is easy to implement and is cost-free for Safety Reports customers.

“We recognize that PlanGrid is a leader in construction productivity software and many of our customers utilize the PlanGrid system,” said Steve Polich, President and co-founder of Safety-Reports. “The integration with PlanGrid allows our customers to more easily manage and share our safety inspection and corrective action tracking report’s enhancing their overall safety program.”

“Safety is a critical component of construction productivity. The integration with Safety-Reports means that everyone on site can access important safety information, helping our customers build safer and faster,” said James Cook, head of strategic alliances and partnerships at PlanGrid.

PlanGrid is a software platform designed to improve construction productivity. It replaces paper blueprints and is a collaborative platform for sharing construction information such as field markups, progress photos and issues tracking., Inc. is a leader in the development of mobile safety solutions for jobsite inspections, data tracking, toolbox talks, and employee training history. Safety Reports simplifies the workflows of everyday safety tasks that have previously been completed with paper or excel documents.

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image 16 - Safety Summit Held to Reduce Trenching Fatalities

Safety Summit Held to Reduce Trenching Fatalities

image 16 - Safety Summit Held to Reduce Trenching Fatalities

Every year, more than 50 workers die in trench-related incidents and thousands more are injured. OSHA and the North American Excavation Shoring Association recently hosted the Colorado Trench Safety Summit to raise awareness of hazards and best practices. More than 500 attendees participated in training and demonstrations, including a mock trench rescue by local first responders. OSHA also shared compliance assistance resources to help keep workers safe from trenching hazards.


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