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Updated: 3-14-2020

All Safety-Reports.com, Inc. (SRI) Affiliates are required to accept the terms of the Affiliate Program Agreement and remain in compliance with those terms to be an Affiliate Member. The following program policies outline what the Affiliate receives as a Safety-Reports Affiliate Member, including benefits, requirements, limitations, marketing, and other policies.

If you’re not yet part of the SRI Affiliate Program, you can apply by going to the Safety-Reports.com Affiliate page.

 Program Benefits

SRI Affiliate Program Members receive free use of designated Safety-Reports.com services, promotional materials, a preferred Affiliate listing as well as referral commissions and potential bonuses. 

Affiliate Program Services

 The following SRI Services are included in the Affiliate Program.  They are provided at no cost as a benefit to the Member and can be used as needed to deliver services to Member clients and for demonstration purposes to facilitate referral opportunities: 


            SR Inspection App                        Single User License

            SR Training App                            Single User License

            SR JSA App                                      Single User License

            SR Observation App                     Single User License

            SR Incidents App                          Single User License

            SR Scan App                                    Single User License + Up to 20 Assets


*If Affiliate is an existing SRI Customer, the Affiliate may qualify for the free use of our apps (see Affiliate Refund/Suspension of payment section below).

Promotional Materials/Tools

Affiliate Program promotional materials include an SRI Affiliate website and/or website “landing page”, promotional business cards (first 50 free) and a free administrative dashboard to track referrals and sales.

Preferred Affiliates/Consultants Listing

Affiliate Members will receive an exclusive listing in the Preferred Affiliates and Consultants web page.  This web page will be promoted to the thousands of Safety Reports users and customers as potential resources to customers who are seeking independent 3rd party audits, inspections, training or other safety-related services.

Affiliate Referral Commissions/Bonuses

Affiliates will receive referral commissions and potential bonuses based upon the following rates and rules.  Each SRI service has a required minimum dollar amount to be eligible for a referral commission.  Other limitations may apply:

Commission/ Bonus with Inspection App included in the initial invoice

ServiceMin. LicensesMin. Service ValueCommission/ Bonus $
Inspection App1 Full User License$500/$800$100
Training App10 User Licenses ($50 ea.)$500$100
JSA App6 User Licenses ($100 ea.)$600$100
Observation App50 User Licenses ($10 ea.)$500$100
Incident App1 User License ($500 base + $50 ea.)$550$100
Scan App50 Asset Licenses$600$100

Commission/ Bonus without Inspection App included in the initial invoice

ServiceMin. LicensesMin. Service ValueCommission/ Bonus $
Training App5 User Licenses ($100 ea.)$500$100
JSA App3 User Licenses ($200 ea.)$600$100
Observation App50 User Licenses ($10 ea.)$500$100
Incident App1 User License ($500 base + $50 ea.)$550$100
Scan App50 Asset Licenses$600$100

Affiliate Refund

Existing SRI customers who have prepaid for services (annual payment only) may be eligible for a refund of those fees, prorated starting at the time they are accepted into the Affiliate Program.  Fees will only be refunded for members who are in “good standing” and who have met the minimum qualifications at the time their subscription service renews.

Any Refund will be calculated starting from the month you become an affiliate with Safety Reports.  You will only be refunded for the time remaining until your next renewal. From that date forward, if you are an affiliate in good standing, your license cost will be suspended indefinitely.

Example:      Service start date: July 1, 2019

                        Paid $500 annual subscription fee

                        Became an Affiliate: January 1, 2020

                        Eligible refund period: 6 months (Jan-June 2020)

                        Potential refund: $250 (paid quarterly) *

* based on Member meeting “Good Standing” minimum requirements

Existing SRI customers who are set up on a recurring payment plan (e.g. monthly or quarterly) may be eligible to have their recurring payments suspended. Suspension of recurring payments will be considered if the Affiliate member is in “good standing”, but only after becoming eligible for a Referral Commission.

Program Requirements/Limitations

Participation in the Safety Reports has minimum requirements as well as certain limitations.  The Minimum Requirements must be met in order to continue to remain in “good standing” with the program and receive the benefits associated with it. 

Minimum Requirements

The Minimum Requirements will be based on performance in three (3) month increments (quarterly), starting on the date that the Affiliate joins the Affiliate Program.  The Requirements are as follows:

            Quarterly Minimums

  • Minimum 6 “qualified referrals” each quarter
  • Minimum 3 “qualified referrals” must attend a demo each quarter

Annual Minimums

  • Minimum one (1) paying customer within the first 6 months
  • Minimum five (5) new paid customers per year

In order to be classified as in “good standing”, an Affiliate must meet or exceed the above minimums.  If at any time the Affiliate drops out of “good standing”, Safety Reports may elect to remove the Affiliate from the program.

The definition of a “qualified referral” is that of an individual or business performing safety related tasks, who has need for or interest in utilizing Safety Reports services.  Qualified referrals should normally have had contact or discussion with the Affiliate prior to registering as an Affiliate Prospect.

Affiliate Commission Payment

The SRI Affiliate Program requires the Affiliate to have a Business PayPal account in order to receive referral commission payments.  PayPal enrollment qualifications and rules can be found at www.paypal.com.

Program Limitations

Program Limitations are rules and limitations that can cause a referral fee to not be paid.  The primary limitations that apply to referral commissions are as follows:

  1. You receive commission for the first purchase made by a new customer who is not in an active sales process with us at the time of the affiliate link click.
  2. The customer needs to be an active customer for 60 days, plus the number of days at the end of that month. For example, a Customer who makes a purchase on March 15th must still be a customer on May 31st
  3. The customer must land on and sign up on your affiliate website or landing page in order to be properly tracked.
  4. Affiliate links rely on cookies to track sales so the customer cannot have cleared their cookies. Cookies are active for 90 days upon clicking the affiliate link.
  5. Only affiliate links can be used to track sales. Incorrect use of affiliate links will cause inability to track referrals. 
  6. No commissions will be paid for upgrades following initial referral sale.
  7. A referral will remain attacked to the affiliate for 90 days, after 90 days if the affiliate is not in an active sales process, the referral may be voided.

There are a number of other limitations that may result in commission not being paid – we encourage you to read the Marketing Affiliate Program Agreement for more information on this.


If you have further questions regarding the SRI Affiliate Program, please feel free to reach out to the team at affiliates@safety-reports.com

Disclaimer:  SRI Affiliate Program Rules and Policies are subject to change at any time.

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